Two Reports On Industry

I recently concluded an in-depth case study on the machine tool industry with Oberon Dixon-Luinenburg. We just published two summaries of our research.

  1. Machine Tools: A Case Study In Advanced Manufacturing, with Bismarck Analysis. This report covers where machine tools are built, why they’re built in those places, and what this tells us about industrial policy more broadly.
  2. How State Capacity Drives Industrialization, with Palladium. This article describes the history of industrialization, and why it doesn’t happen without guidance from the state.

Please do comment or email me your thoughts.

One thought on “Two Reports On Industry”

  1. Hi Ben.

    I just finished reading your paper Machine Tools, I always wondered who made the machines that makes machines?

    Excellent work. Keep up.

    I came here after I saw Samo Burja, founder of political risk consultancy Bismarck Analysis, in one issue of Razib Khan’s Substack. And from Bismarck Analysis website I found your blog. I tell you that because I just want you to know how I ended up here.

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